"Quality Mosquito Nets Delivered In The U.S.A Within 5 Days or They Are FREE."

We guarantee delivery of your order within 5 working days. Offer applies to mainland USA only.  

We Also Specialize in Small Bulk Orders For U.S.A, Africa and Asia.


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What do we have to offer you?

  • Speedy Delivery of your mosquito net within 5 days in The USA or they are Free!
  • Quality: All our mosquito nets are of the highest quality and our Guardian mosquito net range are 25% thicker and stronger than the World Health Organization Recommended minimum for mosquito nets
  • We have mosquito nets Perfect for the Home or for Traveling
  • We have HUGE DISCOUNTS when your buy multiple mosquito nets
  • We use Four Distribution Centers Located in The USA, UK and AUSTRALIA and have partners throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and The Americas
  • We also Specialize in BULK ORDERS of for small charities and can supply mosquito nets Worldwide

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Distribution Centers

"We sell and ship our mosquito netting products from our Six Distribution Centers located on the East and West Coasts of both The U.S.A and Canada, London (U.K) and Sydney (Australia). By having multiple distribution centers our customers are never far from us. They pay less on shipping, do not pay border taxes, and less fuel is used to deliver products which is good for our environment"

Bulk Orders

Would you like to BUY MOSQUITO NETS IN BULK to donate and deliver to people in Malaria stricken areas? If yes, then please click on our BULK ORDERS TAB at the top of the page.

Comfort and Safety 

Many keen travelers have lost many nights of well earned sleep because of annoying mosquitoes. From Europe to Asia, North and South America to the South Pacific Islands, there are plenty of nightmarish stories featuring annoying mosquitoes!

In the afore-mentioned places mosquitoes are a real annoyance and in some parts of Asia, South America and all over Africa there is a real risk of contracting Malaria, Dengue Fever, and other viruses through mosquito bites.

When traveling and staying in hotels, pensions, bungalows etc you can't always be assured of a perfect sleeping environment. To get the most out of your travel experience, purchasing a portable mosquito net will ensure that you get a good nights sleep, stay healthy and enjoy a fantastic holiday wherever you choose to travel.

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"At Mosquito Nets Online we like to donate mosquito nets to those in need"

So if you are purchasing nets on behalf of Charity or an Small Aid Organization (less than 500 nets) not only will you qualify for our large discounts but we will also donate 1 net for every 10 bought. For example buy 100 and we will donate 10 to your cause.

Purchase between 2-10 nets or tents and receive a 15% discount
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