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About Us


Hi There,

My name is Anthony, founder of Mosquito Nets On-Line.

That photo above was taken at Jervis Bay which is about 3 hours South of Sydney in Australia where I live. We were down south on a camping trip and went out for an afternoon walk when we came upon some very relaxed Kangaroo’s! It was another trip many years earlier in the Greek Islands during one of their gorgeous summers that planted the seed for this website.

Mosquito Problems

The pensions and other basic accommodations we were staying in all had shutters but no fly/mosquito screens on the windows (it is common not to have them in Europe). We were "Bombarded" night after night by wave after wave of annoying mosquitoes. The mosquito coils that we had burning to keep them away only half worked and they never kept burning throughout the entire night.

The Solution

Squadron's of mosquitoes carrying out "night attacks" on me and my traveling buddies meant many sleepless nights; and we met some fellow travelers on different Islands that were covered head to toe in bites from our nocturnal foes!

So many years later, after doing a little research into the market and seeing what was on offer, I thought I would start this site. I’m pleased to have an on-line business that is selling good, useful products to people all around the World, making their summer nights more comfortable by protecting them against those dam mosquitoes!

My nets are of the highest quality, at affordable prices, and I pride myself in delivering great service to my customers every day of the week.

It is also very satisfying to be helping out others less fortunate by donating 10% of nets purchased by small charities to their particular cause. So enjoy the site, take a look at the nets (buy heaps of them!), take a look at our customers "Photo Album" (there are some cool travel photo’s) and I wish you happy, bite-free travels! Anthony- Mosquito Nets On-line


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