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Q. What are the advantages and disadvantages of impregnated (or treated) mosquito nets.

A.The theory behind impregnation is not only to protect people from mosquitoes but actually reduce their populations in malaria area's in developing countries. There have been no real health issues with the nets reported, in fact the World Health Organisation has guidelines for manufacturers to use in regards to treatment of nets and in 2008 there will be more than one hundred million WHO approved nets produced.      Either way the mosquitoes won't get through your net.
For more information on impregnated nets go the Rollback Malaria link on this website or do a web search using 'mosquito net impregnation', you will find plenty of information.


Q. How do I help protect people in communities where mosquito viruses are a major killer and renders others very sick? 


A. Roll back Malaria, W.H.O, National Governments and all successful mosquito virus control programs concentrate on 3 areas.

One and two relate Individual  protection in the home through A) Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets (LLIN'S), B) Residual sprays inside the home. Area 3: Larvicidial control through spraying in the community and attacking the breeding grounds of mosquitoes around still bodies of water.

At Mosquito Nets On-Line we mirror what large mosquito eradication programs do but on a smaller scale. You may want help out a community with 100 nets or 500 nets, we can help you out with good prices and also a standard donation of 1 net from us for every 10 purchased. We offer non for profit organisations targeting particular villages/communities with the tools (LLIN'S and Sprays) to combat mosquito borne viruses.





Does my net come with instructions?


All the nets have simple instructions next to them in 'Product Specifications' on our product page. The Sanotorini net tent has a card that comes with it  on the bag. This shows you how to fold it and we have included written on our site next to the photo of it on our product page.

The Venice net comes with a visual instructions which show you how to put together the hoop.



Does my canopy come with a hook?


The Mykonos and The Venice do.



Does my net come with a bag?


See product specifications.


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