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Each Santorini net comes with visual instructions on each bag, please refer to these visual instructions closely when you practice folding up the net soon after you receive it.

Instructions on folding up the net:

STEP 1. With left and right hands extended on wires near you, push left hand in diagonally over to far wire then do the oppisite with right hand over to the far left wire. The net should now be a two dimensional fan.

STEP 2. Now as in photo with narrow pointy part of fan up the top fold the fan down with two hands coming together to form a ring, the pointy part should go out away from you.

Bring the rings down to the ground and you should be left with 3 rings. Now simply fold middle ring back towards you and the two other rings will come together forming three rings on top of each other.

Your down! place it in your bag


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